Development of innovative internal logistic system for printing industry

In 2014 Netbox PL Sp. z o.o. has started realization of the project „Development of innovative internal logistic system for printing industry“ which is carried out in the framework of the Operational Program of Innovative Economy for 2007-2013. Priority 1. Research and development of new technologies, Action 1.4.  Supporting of special-purpose projects.

The aim of the project is to develop innovative technology solutions to improve the logistic processes in printing industry.

The result of work will be innovation process: unique on an international scale prototype of a comprehensive system of internal logistics which takes into account specific requirements of the printing industry, as a result Netbox PL SP. z o. o. will significantly increase the efficiency and quality of the service provided.

www.poig.gov.pl, www.mir.gov.pl

Contact: Mateusz Matuszewski,
T: +48 65 575 81 26, mail: mateusz_matuszewski@netbox.com.pl

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