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    Packaging is a showcase of each brand. It is a link between the product and the consumer, therefore it should attract attention and evoke the desired emotions.

    We respond to the needs of our customers and help in solving problems related to the protection, display and safe transport of products. A professional team of constructors and graphic designers combined with a modern machine park give us the opportunity to create packaging in accordance with the ideas and needs of customers.

    druk offestowy


    druk fleksograficzny


    opakowania z tektury litej


    opakowania z tektury litej



    druk offestowy

    Offset printing is an ideal solution for customers for whom the appearance of the packaging is of great importance.

    The use of the offset printing technique in combination with a wide range of refinements that we offer allows you to create original boxes that stand out on the shelf, attract consumers’ attention and are a pleasant start to a positive experience related to the product.


    druk offestowy


    druk fleksograficzny

    Flexographic printing is a method used for direct printing of corrugated cardboard from microwave to five-wave. This type of packaging is the perfect combination of durability with the possibility of multi-color printing, which allows you to maintain the individual features of the brand.

    Flexographic printing is often used in the production of collective, transport or e-commerce packaging.

    druk fleksograficzny


    opakowania z tektury litej-2

    We offer a wide range of refinements such as foils, effect varnishes, embossing or other decoration techniques that allow you to create an original creation of packaging, including those from the premium category.

    Thanks to this, our clients’ products are visible and perfectly fulfill their marketing function.


    opakowania z tektury litej-2

    Effect varnishes and foils


    The use of varnishes or effect foils will allow each package to take on a unique character and at the same time affect our sense of pattern, touch and smell.

    Effect varnishes and foils

    Matt and glossy foil

    UV matte and shine

    Expressive mat and shine

    Foils with structure or smell

    Hot foil stamping



    We offer the possibility of hot foil application with the use of a wide range of colors. Elements covered with foil can be additionally embossed to obtain a three-dimensional effect, which gives them a unique, spatial character. This is an excellent proposition for products from the premium category.




    The use of embossing allows you to distinguish individual graphic elements.

    We also offer the possibility of precise Braille embossing, which is widely used not only in the pharmaceutical industry






    Foil windows



    Out of concern for our environment and taking care of sustainable development, we offer the possibility of using biodegradable film, which is an excellent ecological solution and an alternative to PET windows.



    okienka foliowe

    Packaging constructions

    konstrukcje opakowań

    Each product requires an appropriate frame. A well-chosen design guarantees that the product will be properly secured.

    Well-designed packaging has a significant impact on the optimization of the packaging process and its efficiency, which is why we treat the design and construction process with the utmost care.


    konstrukcje opakowań

    Standard constructions


    Our offer includes standard constructions from the FEFCO catalog, which was created by the European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturersand it is the most commonly used set of universal and commonly used designs for determining the structure of packaging.


    Go to FEFCO catalogue

    Individual constructions


    We also make shaped packaging in individual constructions. Our creative team of constructors will help you pack even the most specific and demanding products due to their size, shape or requirements related to the packaging process. 

    We offer the possibility of making complex structures that require manual work at the stage of folding or gluing.

    Constructions for e-commerce


    Currently, e-commerce packaging is the fastest growing product group.

    Strength, appropriate size, functionality and aesthetics are the key factors determining the usability of these boxes.

    We are constantly looking for new solutions and amenities so that our customers can ship their products packed in convenient boxes that can be easily opened and closed, if necessary.


    Hot Melt Glue – tear tape

    The use of an additional adhesive strip – hot melt glue allows the packaging to be reused and its subsequent closure. The tear tape makes it easy to open and guarantees ease of use and high functionality.

    Our offer includes solutions that are the perfect answer to the needs of online commerce, for which the speed and convenience of the packaging process are of key importance.

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