ico About us

family company
100% Polish capital

lider in
production of
cardboard packaging

Netbox PL Sp. z o.o. is a family company with 100% Polish capital, which specializes in production of cardboard packaging made in offset and flexo technique.

Strong position of Netbox as a leader in production of cardboard boxes is a result of qualified, more than 400 employees’ team work and many years of experience in the branch. The Customer Service Team responsible for management of Polish and international orders, the team of designers – constructors and graphic designers, the quality department and production staff, all work together for the success of our customers.

Apart from the specialized teams managing the effective manufacturing processes, very important role is also played by modern and efficient technical, warehouse and logistic facilities.

In performing our orders, we rely on best machine producers and tested suppliers.


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ico Business profile

packaging from
solid and laminated cardboard,
outer boxes
and premium boxes

Having operated for nearly 25 years on the Polish and foreign markets, we supply high quality  packaging tailored to the needs of various sectors, types of construction, improvements in the printing process, volume of production series and customers’ logistic requirements.

We offer design and production of:

  • consumer packaging:
    made of solid cardboard
    made of laminated cardboard
  • transport and outer boxes
  • premium boxes


  • 1991

    Set up of the printing department at Filtron

  • 2000

    Set up of an independent enterprise Netbox

  • 2005

    Opening new premises of Netbox in Czachorowo/Gostyn

  • 2008

    Starting cooperation with Convert Paper

  • 2014

    Establishing a new production line for outer boxes

  • 2014

    Joint venture with H.O. Persiehl

Netbox PL Sp. z o.o. , Czachorowo 54, 63-800 Gostyń, T: +48 65 575 81 00, e-mail: netbox@netbox.com.pl