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    What is the lead time of the order?

    The lead time depends on the type of packaging and its degree of processing. It takes between 5 to 14 working days.

    Is a prepayment required for the first order?

    Payment terms are discussed individually with the department of Sales Development Representatives.

    Will I get a free sample of the packaging I want to order?

    In order to verify the construction and strenght of the packaging, we make unprinted samples from the cutting plotter, which, at the custromers request, are sent for approval before start of of production.

    What types of varnishes are available?

    We offer variety of packaging finishing options with the use of dispersion and UV varnishes in mat and glossy finish. In addition we offer a wide range of effect varnishes.

    Do you make packaging with plastic windows?

    In order to display the product, we use packaging with plastic windows, both flat and creased.

    Can I use storage service and receive some of the packaging at a later date?

    For the custromers who don’t have their own warehouse space, we have prepared an offer with a storage service option.

    Which forms of delivery do you offer?

    We deliver the commodity e.g. based on the EXW and DAP incoterms. The terms of delivery are individually discussed with every custromer.

    What quality standards do you guarantee during production?

    We have ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BRC Pack, FSC certificates. Furthermore, Netbox has its own labolatory, where measurements such as: ECT, BCT, raw material weights, its whiteness, thickness and humidity are carried out.The production process includes spectrophotometers, among others. We test the gloss of varnish and verify readability of barcodes.

    As your clinet will I have a contact person who acts as my coordinator/supervisor?

    Yes, every custromer contacts a dedicated account manager, who provides complex and professional communication and support from the moment of pricing through all processes of implementation of the order, up to the delivery.

    I have a product that I want to pack into a package, but I have no idea how it should looks like . Can I rely on packaging designing for my product?

    One of the services offered by our company is possibility of support in packaging designing process.

    Is it possible to create a graphic for the packaging you have already done construction poroject?

    We have team of graphic designers dealing with preparation of the visual side of the packaging.

    Which raw materials do you use in packaging production? Do you produce corrugated packaging? Do you have solid cardboard packaging?

    We produce packaging, both cartonboard and corrugated board, based on the recycled and cellulose raw materials.

    What is your MOQ - minimum order quantity?

    Minimum Order Quantity- MOQ- depends on several factors, incl. the size of packaging. In case of specifying the minimum quantity per order, please contact our Sales Development Department.

    Do you have a consignment warehouse?

    We work with clients on the basis of a consignment warehouse. All terms of cooperation are agreed individually with the clients

    What is the lead time for plotter samples?

    Samples from the plotter are prepared within a maximum of 48 hours, and then sent to the location indicated by the customer

    What is your payment term?

    The terms of payment are agreed individially with clients.

    Do you have the possibility of confectioning?

    We have the departament of confection that performs manual work, including packing the custromer’s products in ordered packaging.

    What printing method do you use?

    We print the packaging in offset and flexo technology.

    Do you produce for the food industry?

    Yes, we have many years of experience in production of packaging to food sector. In addition we are certified producers in BRC sector.

    What certificates do you have?

    ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BRC Pack, FSC

    Does Netbox have experience in manufacturing packaging for the pharmaceutical industry?

    Yes, we cooperate with clients from pharmaceutical industry. We also have many years of experience in marking the packaging in Braille script.

    Do you have e-commerce packaging in your offer?

    Our offer has been enriched with e-commerce packaging, which are characterized in unified dimensions and additional elements such as tear tape or an adhesive strip, which allows the packaging to be reused.